Worship Services During COVID-19

The Nittany Church is worshiping in person during the COVID-19 times. We meet, safely, at Circleville Park, 200 Little Lion Drive, State College, PA, Pavillion 4 .

We will practice social distancing, have safe communion and a hand sanitizing station. Please see our guidelines below for meeting in person.

Also, services live on Zoom. Contact Jamison Malcolm, jamisonmalcolm@gmail.com or 215.360.1027 to sign up for the live stream.

Service starts at 10:30am on Sunday mornings.

COVID-19 Worship Guidelines

As a church, we are abiding by State and Local COVID-19 regulations. Here is a checklist list of precautions we ask all to do when we gather for worship

  • Wear a Mask or Face Covering
    A face mask or covering is mandatory when attend service in person.
  • Communion & Lunch
    Communion will be served weekly at service. We will provide single, self serve packets that contains the bread and juice. Feel free to bring lunch or enjoy the refreshments provided.
  • Hand Sanitizer & Wipes Provided
    We will have a Hand Sanitizer & Wipes station.
  • Refrain from Hugging, Maintain Social Distance
    While at service, please practice Social Distancing. Please keep a distance of six (6) feet from other individuals or families. Also refrain from hugging, high fives, handshakes and other excessive contact. Fist Bumps and Elbow Bumps are encouraged.
  • Come To Worship
    Even with all the COVID-19 restrictions, don’t be hindered from worshiping God and with the Family of Believers in the New Normal.

Any questions or comments please feel free to contact Jamison Malcolm at jamisonmalcolm@gmail.com or 215.360.1027.